by Melissa Puppo November 2017 Also on Digital Edition

A plate of razor-thin sliced yellowtail hamachi comes out of the kitchen arranged on a plate in a symmetrical pattern. In the center lies a small bunch of mizuna, pickled vegetables and yuzu truffle dressing, the perfect accompaniments to the sashimi. What soon follows are more tantalizing bites. Paired with a beautiful oceanfront setting behind, pick up a pair of chopsticks, and dig in.

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by Melissa Puppo October 2017 Also on Digital Edition

Sweet fumes of fresh dough being cooked in a red oven waft through the air in a new Italian hotspot. It’s as authentic of a smell as you can get, considering the oven used to cook that artisan pizza came straight from Naples, Italy. But more on that later. Baciami (Italian for “kiss me”)—Boynton Beach’s Italian gem—promises a culinary experience rooted in family tradition.

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by Melissa Puppo July 2017 Also on Digital Edition

Menus that stay the same get boring. Sure, it’s easy to nail down a restaurant favorite—the pasta dish with that special red sauce or the way chef prepares the sea bass—but in the end, a menu that changes with bold flavor keeps things fresh and fun. Taste the seasons through a beautiful sampling of options at Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar in Delray Beach. It’s the spot where your favorite dish gets an updated spin come each new season.

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